Dear Mr. Swift, I am writing to you in hopes that you can get a – Christopher J Swift email address

Diana sent a message to Christopher J. Swift – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Hartford – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Swift,

I am writing to you in hopes that you can get a workman’s comp representative to contact me regarding an on the job injury I sustained in July 2015. I have tried to reach the claims person assigned to my case since then without any success. I keep getting one excuse followed by another when phoning the main contact number. The last time I called today was at 11 am EST and the person answering the main line assured me that my rep would call me immediately. Well, here it is 3 hours later and no call.

her phone goes directly into voice mail and her message is about being out during the holiday in Dec early Jan. it will not allow you to leave a v/m)
My name is Diana Harper

The person representing me changed 3 times from July to October 2015. In October 2015 after having a scan it was discovered that I sustained a pinched nerve and a budging disc and facture from a trip fall in our company’s conference room among other injuries. The orthopedic doctor I was seeing wanted to give me a cortisone injection and the rep from the Hartford was in agreement until a few days before my scheduled procedure. It seems that a doctor from the Hartford did not agree with the surgeon on where to put the injection. My orthopedic surgeon is Dr. Mason. After a lot of back in forth, nothing ever happened. It was at that point I stopped getting through to the case worker. My calls and emails went unanswered. Dr. Mason’s office told me it was up to me to fight with the Hartford about this issue. I tried and tried and tried to reach them. Since I was desperate for help I went to my own family doctor and he prescribed muscle relaxers and pain pills, which I paid for doctors visit and medication. Now over a year and a half, I continue to have muscle spasms and am in a lot of pain most days. The quality of my life has greatly been affected. My husband wants me to sue, my employer is International Cooperating Ministries and the Hartford, I have been not wanted to do this since we are a ministry. However, I do not want to continue to be in pain. I spent a good portion of the last year and a half in trouble at work for missing time due to missing work because of physical therapy, doctor’s appointments or missing work because I was in too much pain to sit at a desk. I am in pain almost all of the time.

I would appreciate your looking into this matter for me.


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