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Dear mr.swift, I just feel that I needed to reach out to you to – Christopher J Swift email address

Jenny sent a message to Christopher J. Swift – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Hartford – Email Address that said:

Dear mr.swift,

I just feel that I needed to reach out to you to informed you of how disappointed I am in the way my long term disability was handled. I read all of the Hartford reviews and it brought a tear to my eyes of people who lost their benefits and homes due to non payments,I did not believe until now. I had total hip replacement on September 14 th. my surgeon filled out the paperwork that was faxed out October 25 th,stating that returned to work date would be determined January 13th with new x-ray. Barbara is my claim handler and I spoke to her to inform her that I cannot go down or up the stairs,I still have pain in the incision,cannot dress myself from my lower body up or use regular toilet seats. I called her again to ask if she got all the paperwork,she stated that she did not get any paperwork from my past doctor,when in actuality she did she just did not pay attention to the signature. I then called ms Schuber on 3 different occasions to find out if she got all the paperwork and if they were anything I can do to expedite the process. Ms Barbara never replied to any of my messages. I reached out to my Sephora Human Resources to please ask for a copy of my medical records. The reason am so frustrated was when I got a letter from the Hartford stating that they need more information on weather or not I need long term disability. My surgeon could not believe that an insurance company would send out such a ridiculous letter knowing that hip joint replacement takes 6months to a year to heal sometimes more.I am part of the management team at Sephora and I stand on my feet 90% of the day. Is it easier to pay a claim of $500.or millions.I reached out to our CEO as well.No one should have to deal with this stress during the holiday season.Barbara is in the wrong job,no compassion. You need o really take the time to look at the Hartford reviews, it's an eye opener.

Thank you and I hope you take the time to read this.


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