Dear Mr. Swift,I am reaching out to you in the hope that you may – Christopher J Swift email address

Dr. Christine Van Hamersveld sent a message to Christopher J. Swift Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Hartford Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Swift,

I am reaching out to you in the hope that you may take time to review my claim, the responses and actions of The Hartford employees and affiliated companies working with/representing The Hartford, and the information I have provided to The Hartford. I have filed a claim for roof damage due to hail. If I were the only person in this over-55 community claiming roof damage due to hail on April 14, 2017, I might understand the claim denial. However, multiple homeowners on the same street, an intersecting street, and the streets immediately to the right and left of the street in question, including the homeowner immediately to the left, and the homeowner two doors down on the right, successfully worked with their insurance company and have or will soon have a new roof. In other words, all major insurance companies, for 20 plus homes, have honored the claims filed in this senior citizen community. All, that is, except for The Hartford. The Hartford has denied my claim and the claim of the homeowner immediately to the right of the house I represent. (Note: The Hartford has offered to pay for hail related window damage and roof vent damage, but still maintains that there is no hail related roof damage.) I sincerely hope you and others in upper level management will take an interest in what is happening here in Texas. I hope this in not indicative of The Hartfords general approach to working with homeowners who happen to be senior citizens.

Thank you

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