Dear Mr. Thomas, We have been with windstream for 35 years. Our company has been – Tony Thomas email address

Lori Andrach sent a message to Tony Thomas - President and Chief Executive Officer of Windstream Communications - Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Thomas,
We have been with windstream for 35 years. Our company has been in business 35 Years. The only reason we kept windstream is because it it the only communication provider in our area and if not for this reason we would have left long ago. Recently, (again), we have had trouble with our service,(phone internet). As a CEO of a large company you understand the importance of having these services to run your business successfully every day. As of Oct. 2nd, we have had no phone or internet at our business sight. We have called several times over the last week and received the same answer - they will be out today - to no avail.
They told us they would come out on Sat. 10/7, FIVE days after reporting the problem and after we told them we are not open on Saturdays. We called again and they said they would be out on Monday, Oct.9th (my husband waited till 7pm), they never showed up, and we called again this morning, Oct.10 and they told us they could get out sometime this week. We have , thus far, lost close to $5000.00 in revenue for the past week we have had no services. I would like to know what your company intends to do for us as compensation. Somehow just getting our services back on just doesnt seem like enough. We intend to send similiar letters to the BBBand contact our local and state officials as well. We would appreciate a response faster than we have had anything done in regard to our business services.

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