Dear Mr. Toyoda, I have owned been buying Toyota’s for years. And I have been – Akio Toyoda email address

Susan sent a message to Akio Toyoda President and CEO, Toyota Motor Corporation – email address that said:

Dear Mr. Toyoda,
I have owned been buying Toyota's for years. And I have been waiting for 4 years for your RAV4 Hybrid to come to Missouri.
I received an email from Pappas Toyota , stating if I would test drive a RAV4 Hybrid, I would receive a 25$ dollar Visa gift card. So I jumped on the chance, not only to finally test drive one but to earn $25.00 to do so. Well, that was in January!!! The 22nd to be exact. I contacted Sales Lady multiple times and still not Visa gift card! She kept asking me if I was still interested and I said of course. Last month, I finally called the Sales Manager and he apologized and said he would make sure it was in the mail. He too asked me if I was still interested and again I said yes, but I wanted Toyota to hold up to their agreement.
Now I am thinking it was just a ploy to get customers in the door!!! I am not very happy, that your company did not keep their word! I am so upset that they have been dishonest to me that I am considering finding a new dealer and leave Toyota!
Are you aware of what they are doing to get business? It is a shame that they would be dishonest like that . I no longer feel that I can trust your company. Very sad. You make the best cars on the market and now I feel I can no longer trust your company. If I feel this way, I am sure their are others that feel this way too!!
Sincerely, Susan

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