Dear Mr. Toyoda, Today I had reaffirmed for me that your Toyota is more than – Akio Toyoda email address

Joseph A Baust sent a message to Akio Toyoda President and CEO, Toyota Motor Corporation - email address that said:

Dear Mr. Toyoda,

Today I had reaffirmed for me that your Toyota is more than a car company, but a place where each of us finds a home. I asked our local dealer to help my daughter get her service and asked for special help on her car.

The service department of Toyota of Murray, Kentucky not only took her car on short notice, but went more than the extra mile to help her. What did they ask in return? Nothing more than a thank you from us.

Time and time again people like Jim Gilson and Russ have made Toyota of Murray a place where I have confidence in their work, have respect for their suggestions, and they make every effort to assist me.

Now with my daughters car, by the way, the seventh Toyota Prius our family has bought. Two weeks ago we bought the plug-in Toyota Prime from this dealership. This suggests to me we buy from Toyota because your dealership and their service department are stellar, special, and truly care about their customers. But I would call it more than the standard economic deal, buying and selling. It is the way we have been treated fairly, respectfully, and with outstanding quality. Yet I want to think this dealership is a place I have a friendship, a place where the employees care about my family and me, and a home where I fell comfortable any time I visit.

I thought that it was important for you to know about this outstanding dealership. More than that, it is a place where Toyota employees care about not only what we drive, not only about our safety, but about us as people.

I do not know what you have done to nurture this kind of behavior, or what they have in their DNA that makes them wonderful human beings, but you need to replicate this in all dealerships across the world. I cannot think there is any care dealership I have gone to in my 68 years of life that has been any more exemplary of the kind of spirit, attitude and kindness the Toyota of Murray, KY has demonstrated.

Many thanks to Toyota and to those unsung heroes at Toyota of Murray including the entire service department, Jim, Russell, and their manager Andy Foley.

I write with absolute pleasure and satisfaction.

Thank You,

Joseph A Baust
1519 London Drive
Murray, KY 42071

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