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Dear Mr. Urcelay, I am very concerned about the way Babies R Us is condu – Antonio Urcelay email address

Marion sent a message to Antonio Urcelay Chairman and CEO, Toys R Us, Inc. that said:

Dear Mr. Urcelay, I am very concerned about the way Babies R Us is conducting business. I purchased an entire baby nursery room of furniture and bedding in September of 2012 in the store in Santa Maria, California. At the time of purchase, my husband and I specifically asked to be sold everything we needed to include the toddler rail for our "convertible" crib (Baby Italia, Mayfair Model). We were told at the time of purchase that we did not immediately need the toddler rail and that Babies R Us maintains an inventory of these rails to be purchased separately at a later time. That time arrived when our toddler started attempting to climb out of his crib, namely last October. At that time, I researched your website, but could not find the toddler rail. I called the customer service number and was promised a call back that never came. I then researched again, approximately in November of 2013, when your website actually showed the rail as available, but the product description listed the full size conversion kit, not the toddler rail. I once again called customer service to clarify the conflicting information. I again was promised a call back, which, again, never took place. My toddler now climbs out of his crib anytime and I am very worried about him injuring himself in doing so. I personally tried to contact the manufacturer, who has gone out of business and is no longer reachable. Today I again called customer service to reach some sort of conclusion in possibly purchasing a compatible toddler rail (again, I am very worried about my toddler falling while climbing out of his crib at this point). I was given no productive assistance whatsoever, and was only told there "was nothing that could be done". This is not an acceptable business practice to me. The store offers no help and only refers me to your website and to "take it up with customer service".It concerns me that there is such a lack of interest, compassion, and dedication by Babies R Us staff, both in store and through your website's customer service. I suggested that I return the bed for a credit towards a different bed for which I may purchase the toddler rail, but neither the store staff nor the customer service representative wanted to hear of it. I am asking for your help in this situation because I don't know where else to turn in regards to Babies R Us and its general disregard for our need of assistance in this urgent matter. I can be reached telephonically and would very much appreciate your assistance. Kind Regards, Marion , California

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