Dear Mr. Van Saun, My husband and I have our mortgage with Citizens, – Saun Bruce W Van email address

Alixa sent a message to Saun Bruce W Van – Chief Executive Officer, Citizens Bank RBS Citizens – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Van Saun, My husband and I have our mortgage with Citizens,  I received a letter last week from your organization indicating that we were 33 days past due on our mortgage payment. I contacted the number on the letter, and spoke with George. George indicated to me that there was an error on the banks part, wherein the payment was applied incorrectly to principal only; and promised that the situation was going to be corrected. I requested that a letter be sent to me regarding same as well as a letter be sent to the Credit Bureaus, as your organization has damaged our credit. We are not behind on our mortgage payments. As a matter of fact our April payment, cashed by Citizens and cleared our bank 4/8/2016; #2381 for $3,000; and our May payment was received, cashed and cleared our bank as of 5/12/2016, #2399 for $3,000. Yesterday I received four (4) letters from Citizens indicating that we are behind on our payments and threatening us with Foreclosure. I attempted today to contact Michele to discuss this situation but had to leave a voice mail. I attempted to contact Melanie, Senior V.P. of Mortgage Servicing at the number indicated on her letter , I explained this situation to an Isaiah, who transferred me to another department. I spoke with LaVon, explained this situation to him once again, I requested to speak with Ms. Reid and was told she does not accept phone calls. I then requested to speak with a supervisor and was told that presently, there weren't any supervisors in the Mortgage Servicing Department. I find it difficult to comprehend that at 10:20 EST there weren't any supervisors available to speak with a Citizen's customer. Furthermore, we are being charged fees for an appraisal that was never performed. My husband has been disputing this charge for over a year, has requested copies of the alleged appraisal, but we have yet to receive one. We live in a gated community so in order for anyone to access our home, they have to be identified and allowed access. So I'm not understanding how Citizen's can charge us for something that was never performed including late fees and indicate that we are behind in our mortgage payments when our checks have been received and cashed by Citizens as well as having cleared our bank. I need this corrected immediately and request to speak with someone in authority that can rectify this situation as well as correct the issue with the Credit Bureaus. If I don't receive a phone call from someone today, May 17, 2016 that can correct this situation; I will be left with no other alternative than to contact the Office of the Illinois Attorney General, as this is quite simply fraud.
Regards, Alixa

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