Dear Mr. Van Saun,It would appear that all of the good press you have – Saun Bruce W Van email address

Shane sent a message to Saun Bruce W Van  Chief Executive Officer, Citizens Bank RBS Citizens Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Van Saun,

It would appear that all of the good press you have received for changing the way Citizens Bank does business has not made its way down to the folks who work with your customer base.

I am the Executive Director of a National Collegiate Sorority. Now before you scoff or roll your eyes, let me share with you that we have over $700,000 in your bank and use your credit card service for our staff business purposes. As a national organization we are in a growth phase; increasing staff 38% this past year alone.

Explain to me how an existing corporate customer with the above capital in your bank and who pays their credit card bill off every month is treated badly and even ignored when I request an increase in our credit limit of $50,000, as well as to correct issues with the accounts that I have with you?

Your front line people try to be responsive, but your systems and people behind the scenes are less than professional, courteous, nor helpful. Phone calls are ignored, errors that we have requested be fixed continue to happen, and when I ask to speak to a supervisor or senior manager, nothing happens.

While your commitment to the community is nice, and portrays a warm and fuzzy feeling to those who read the stories about you, perhaps you should be spending more time addressing the issues in your bank.

I will be looking for another bank to assume our financial needs in the near future, and when I find the appropriate one, I will be sure to tell them about the troubles I have had with your bank and even offer to allow them to use our example of poor service and lack of relationship for marketing purposes. I have already met with PNC Bank and they are intrigued by the idea.


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