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Cheryl M sent a message to Todd J. Vasos - Chief Executive Officer of Dollar General Corporation - Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Vasos,
Your organization serves many people who otherwise may not be able to afford some necessities as well as wants. Even though my career allows me great comfort, I am still a dollar general shopper.
I write to you out of concern for your organizations bottom line and concern for those that work in your distribution centers.
The purpose of this email is to ask that your organization review work/HR practices at your warehouse distribution centers-in particular South Boston, VA. The sheer volume of items that has to be shipped is monstrous and has to be done. With that being said, individual can only work so many 11-12 hour days 6 days a week before the mental and physical stress becomes physical ailments. The body and mind both need rest. I would like to reiterate the 11/12 hrs on the 6th day is overtime and mandatory. The workers sometimes do not know they have to work OT until the day before. That leaves no room for planning any family functions as the one day off the worker wants to do nothing but rest.
I know many individuals who work or have worked there. I am aware of one individual who was taken to the Dr. by a Dollar General Supervisor for chest pains, the individual had inflammation and was out of work the next day and was subsequently fired for not having any more days to be off. What I am really asking is that outside of doing “undercover boss” at your warehouses that you have some analytical data pulled for your warehouses as it relates to OT pay, training costs because of turnover, people using your life/balance program (not sure exactly what it is called) because of stress or illness, HR complaints (if they are filed appropriately) or even hire an IOP organization to come in and perform a consulting analysis. For example the IOP may look at the fact there are only 2 shifts and they are 12hr shifts. Is there opportunity to go to 3-8 hr shifts, perhaps hire PT workers for weekend shift, allow individuals to volunteer for OT first and then if not enough volunteers the person who has the least amount of OT has to work mandatory. People in this area need their jobs and want their jobs but the mind and body must rest.
Please note I am not a DG employee just merely an observer who believes that your bottom line can improve at this location (perhaps all warehouses if they work the same) by reduced training cost, reduced OT cost, reduction in sick time, and just by sheer employee satisfaction to increase productivity. There must be a work/life balance. I hope this email finds your desire and the desire of the HR leadership to quickly act. Honestly, I am almost in tears at the stories I hear.
Best Regards,
Cheryl M

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