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Dear Mr. W. Rogers Jr.My name is Doris Knight, i hold an account with – William H Rogers Jr email address

Doris Knight sent a message to William H. Rogers, Jr. Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of SunTrust Banks Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. W. Rogers Jr.
My name is Doris Knight, i hold an account with this institution for many years. I never experience the kind of problems Im having now. This is the second time my account was put on hold, I lived in this country for almost twenty years but my children live in Peru. I sent money to them, we have already programmed our payments for the moment my boss deposit my check in the bank. This is once a month. When the person who is doing the follow up on my account it causes me so much distress. I had this problem with one of your workers, this gentleman it seems that he doesnt like me. I want to tell you, I have a horrible health problem, I smell and people dislike me for that. Nothing to do with clean habits, it is a disease and that is the reason I do all my transactions online. There is this guy that every time he sees me at the bank has an attitude with me, I dont know his name but he works at The Cathedral Branch in Washington, D.C. I know i have overdraft protection, i know i use this service so many times and Im so grateful with your bank because it let me send money to my children when i need it. I just wish this man dont put on hold my money without any apparent reason, just because he dont like me or because the smell of my body. Im sorry to bother you, but i need someone with authority to make things straight, Please, I just want to be treat as a human being, not with disgust, it hurts me so badly, I work so hard to help my children, I wish things could be better for me, but its not possible. I just want to let me have the money I need and be treat in a kind way. Thanks a lot for your help, your understanding and your time.

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