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Dear Mr. White, I wrote to you last year regarding the $11,xxx relocation dollars – Miles D White email address

Karen sent a message to Miles D. White – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Abbott Laboratories – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. White, I wrote to you last year regarding the $11,xxx relocation dollars I owe Abbott Labs. At the time I told you I was a 71 year old retiree living on $2277/month and hardly had sufficient funds to pay Abbott this amount of money. I asked that as a good faith gesture for a former employee who was only 1 month short of her 2 year employment date to please forgive the debt. I never heard back from you/your office but I never got another letter from the collection agency. I was so thankful to you as I assumed you had actually acted on my behalf. Silly me. Not only did you not act, but this morning I was "served" with court action documents demanding the entire sum, attorneys fees and 9% interest since 2012. I have diabetes and a heart condition (diastolic heart failure), which this notification has not helped. I realize you are a hugely busy man. I also realize that when dealing with billions daily 11k can't seem like much to you. But it means the difference between a modest retirement and poverty to me. Can you PLEASE help? I believe I gave Abbott good service and deserve some consideration since 25% is a lot to reimburse a company for if one is only weeks shy of the 2 year goal. I hope this message will reach you and that you will have some consideration for my situation. Thank you, Karen

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