Dear Mr Wilson – Forgive the uninvited email but as an important member of the Veterans – Thomas J Wilson email address

David Gaynes sent a message to Thomas J. Wilson - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Allstate Corporation - Email Address that said:

Dear Mr Wilson -

Forgive the uninvited email but as an important member of the Veterans Job Mission I wanted to inform you that my company, Samyu Tech, an officially recognized HUB Zone Small Business, has been training Military Veterans as software programmers and they are available to work with your company.

I know that they can be in high demand and that companies, including notably Microsoft itself, offer this exact program (Free Training of Veterans in specific to be Developers with .NET skills) or very similar to cultivate new employees. Given that level of competition, and your specific interest in them as workers, I wanted to reach out to you directly and not take a chance on being lost in your supplier system. These are high-quality people who have been through extensive training, we are providing at the same level of multi-month education as happens on campus in Redmond, augmented by instructors who are former Microsoft developers themselves as well as those who currently write books published by the company and have decades of commercial software experience, something that even on-campus Microsoft trainers can lack.

To be totally clear, although we are HUB Zone we are not a Veteran-owned business, however 100% of the people we provide to you would be Honorably Discharged Veterans, of whom 80% or more are Minorities. All of them are people who, solely from their own passion and personal interest, completed our program self-supervised and are eager to begin working with you to assist your software team. Typically this would be through our company as an outsourced 3rd-party supplier to fulfill your contracting needs as they occurred, however if hiring our people as full-time employees of your own is essential to you then straight placement-for-fee arrangements can potentially be made provided the Veteran himself or herself agrees.

The individual people themselves are of course available for any interview process that you consider standard for the role in question. Im quite certain you will find them among the most knowledgeable programmers of similar experience that your team will speak to, they are highly professional and familiar with real-world commercial software practices as well as team development practices including Team Foundation Services.

So if you can point me in the proper direction within your company to begin the process, I will follow it to completion as soon as possible.

I appreciate you taking a brief moment to review my contact to you. I hope you see it as a win-win that I did so.


808 775 1625

David Gaynes
CTO, Samyu Tech LLC

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