Dear Mr. Yanagi,my name is Rafael, I am from Cancun Mexico and I – Hiroyuki Yanagi email address

Rafael sent a message to Hiroyuki Yanagi President and Representative Director, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Yanagi,my name is Rafael, I am from Cancun Mexico and I own a small chain of fast food restaurants in beautiful Cancun, We offer delivery service to thousands of our custumers in Cancun city ,we deliver or orders on motocycles and we have been very pleased with Yamahas YBR 125 bikes! We have used the for more than five years and they work realy good, unfortunaly I had a terrible experiance with Yamahas sales office in Cancun Mexico! Last week,to be presence I purchased 3 brand new motorcycles yamaha YBR 125 from your dealer in Cancun! The sales manager delivered the bikes to my business last monday and everything looked ok! Until I went to the vehicle registere office from the local goverment to pay takes and to get the official licence plates for the three YBRs , to my surpreise one of them has a stolen report and practicaly acording to local athorities the unit has a report that it has been stolen ,the unit is 0 km and has an official invoice from yamahas local broker ! I have reporte this insidet to the managment incharge but have not been helped nor do they want to take resposability in this mattter ! All I ask is for another YBR 125 of the same kind and a verbal appology from them! My business has been succesful do to many different sircunstances ,one very importamt is your companies quality in products

i hope to hear from you im the near future!



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