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Dear Mr. Zetsche
I am Adriana from Mexico City.
I have a problem with my car automatic transmission. c280 mod. 2009 which has 76,000 km. They told me it's normal wear which I do not agree. I can't believe that a car with Mercedez Benz technology has this problem within 76,000 km. The cost of repair is excessive. Both, Mercedez Benz customer service (email) and Automotriz Hermer (where now is my car since 12/09/2016) told me that is a normal deterioration)
As you could understand me, I do not agree with that answer.
I have to pay $65,000.00 (mexican pesos) for a repair that don't´t sound logical.
I would like to think one of the automatic gear box parts came defective. in addition, my car has been34 days in Automotriz Hermer service center and still one part is missing for the repair. they told me you have it in backorder and that surely you will have to ask for it to your supplier as you don't have it in stock.
Could you be so kind if you can assist me with the cost of repair and help with the delivery of the missing piece?
I hope your understanding.
Thank You in advance.
Best Regars,


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