Dear Mrs. Smith, Two years ago I applied for a VP Marketing role on your – Elizabeth Smith email address

Lauren DAngelo sent a message to Elizabeth A. Smith Chairman and CEO, Bloomin Brands, Inc. - email address that said:

Dear Mrs. Smith,
Two years ago I applied for a VP Marketing role on your website. At the time, I was living and thriving in San Francisco and was the head of Marketing for a billion dollar brand in the pharmaceutical industry. I was passionate and committed to my company, and to the patients that we served. Despite being fulfilled professionally, and personally loving my life in the city, I was homesick. Having grown up in Clearwater, with my entire family still residing there, I was determined to get back home to be closer to them. But with my entire career being focused on the pharmaceutical industry, with no experience in the restaurant business, I knew it was a long shot. Not long after I applied, I met my husband, and was offered a promotion at work, so my desire to get closer to home was, once again, put on the back burner.
Today while listening to my audiobook “Earning It” by Joann S. Lublin, I felt a connection while I listened to your story about your unconventional path that led you to your current role. I cant stop thinking about your chance meeting in the elevator with the SVP, the fact that you are a strong female leading a company of brands that I admire, and living in my hometown…I felt compelled to try and connect with you.
I have had a very successful sales and marketing career in the pharmaceutical industry over the past 16 years, and I am extremely passionate and love what I do. I am a strong marketer and business leader, and have worked on a number of different pharmaceutical brands across many different therapeutic areas. I love all things marketing: positioning, strategy, creative campaign development, product development, customer insights, and most recently, leading the pharma industry in the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. The pharmaceutical industry is complex and challenging, and the regulatory environment in which I work, makes the simplest marketing task complicated, so I am always learning. I am valued at my organization and have a bright future here. But I cant shake the constant tug at my heartstrings to get closer to home.
After a little research online, I am even more intrigued by your leadership and advocacy for strong female leaders. I have been fortunate to have very strong mentors throughout my career, both men and women, and as I have taken on more senior roles, I do everything that I can to pay it forward, mentoring many women and men along their career journey.
I would love the opportunity to connect with you and to hear your story. I hope to one day lead a company, and I am inspired by strong women who have proved it to be possible. I realize that you may actually never even receive this email, or find it odd that a stranger would reach out to you in such a way. My hope, however, is that you will interpret this email as a modern day elevator ride, one very similar to the random elevator meeting you experienced many years ago.
Lauren DAngelo

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