Dear Ms. Alber, I am pleased to find that your corporate campus is only a – Laura J Alber email address

Travis sent a message to Laura J. Alber Director, President, and CEO, Williams-Sonoma that said:

Dear Ms. Alber,

I am pleased to find that your corporate campus is only a short flight or manageable drive from my family here in Fresno. I say this, because when I placed my order on December 6, 2015, an order for two (Personalized) Red Linen Patchwork Stocking ) and two (Personalized) Gray Linen Patchwork Stocking, my collective order had a ship date of December 7th. Earlier this week, we received our Gray Linen Patchwork Stocking, two which my two-year old inquired "Where's my Red Stocking?". Tomorrow morning, I hope you will find an articulate way to tell her, it is not coming. I believe that you and your team should play Grinch and not I, because when I placed my order, you and your company said you would fulfill it and now you have not. Not only do I have a personalized stocking for one daughter and not the other, my wife had to login in to find out that my daughters and my own stocking are now "No Longer Available". A computer nor a person at your company had the decency to inform us. Should you take the drive to Fresno, I will happily deliver to you, the partial order you delivered to my family or should you prefer phone, I will happily mail to you my two personalized stockings, because what is a family of four to do with personalized stockings for only two.

Her name is London, if you've taken the time to look into my order, then you already know that. The other missing stocking was to be personalized for Dad, that is me as you may have discerned. You can reach us both


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