Dear Ms. Alber, My name is Jill and I am a – Laura J Alber email address

Jill sent a message to Laura J. Alber Director, President, and CEO, Williams-Sonoma that said:

Dear Ms. Alber, My name is Jill and I am a working mother of four (and huge fan of Pottery Barn). I recently had a negative experience with customer service and wanted to share it with you because I believe that Pottery Barn definitely would not want their customers to have these kinds of experiences. I received a 15% off promotion via email and saw that it actually included furniture and was titled "Beds and Headboards." This seemed like a perfect opportunity to purchase the Chloe Bed that I wanted. I purchased the bed and didn't realize the discount wasn't applied and submitted. Once I realized the mistake, I called customer service for help and after a really long call wait and time on the phone with the representative, I was told it wasn't valid. I checked it out by trying to buy it again with discount and it worked. I then tried to cancel the first order online but couldn't and called in the morning to get help. The first representative was very unfriendly and hostile. She was very annoyed that I was asking questions about why I should have to forfeit the delivery fee when I was told that the item wouldn't ship for weeks. She told me that was the policy and she would take care of it, but she didn't ask me many questions to process the cancel request so I was skeptical. I called back and the second representative revealed that no cancel request was made. Also, she canceled the wrong order and was frustrated when I asked her several times if she was sure she had the right order because she kept calling me Cindy! It turns out she did cancel the wrong order and began the process of canceling mine. It took a while and isn't guaranteed - only a request! The first rep. lied to me about discount! The second lied and was hostile, too. Please Help! Thank you, so much and Happy Holidays!

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