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Dear Ms Barra My name is Donna . Please forgive me for contacting you personally – Mary Barra email address

Donna sent a message to Mary Barra CEO, General Motors Company – email address that said:

Dear Ms Barra ,

My name is Donna. Please forgive me for contacting you personally but I really need your help!

My husband and I recently purchased a 2017 GMC Terrain SLE 2. We had to wait some time to purchase one, so we were excited when we finally had the opportunity to buy. Oh my gosh we just love the car but there is a problem with it.

About six days after having the car I was pulling out of a parking spot and heard a loud vibration, enough that the vibration was irritating my right ear. It continued every time I was at a stop and accelerated up to about 20-30 mph. I got the car in the dealer garage asap. I was told it was checked thoroughly and everything looked as it should.

This noise kept happening. In the garage it went again. This time one of the technicians drove with me and heard what I was hearing. She described it as a sound made when you blow into an empty bottle. When this same technician called me to pick up my car she said that the Service Technician Manager who checked over my car, took her out in two new Terrains off the lot and both made the same noise. She said this seemed to be a normal noise for this car.

Ms Barra if you got into one of your brand new cars and this was happening while you were driving would you be able to enjoy and accept that this should be normal when driving a new car?

Please understand I was really upset at this point. I did contact the Ohio State Attorney General's office and they suggested that I first contact GMCwhich I did. On 11-18-2016 I spoke with Sharena at GMC Customer Assistance. I explained the situation and she said that this isn't the first time hearing about this problem with these cars. She went on to explain that other dealerships have tried changing the tires and other fixes to try to correct the problem but until GM can figure out what the issue is , there was no way to correct the problem. Sharena emailed me our case number and our contact person (Mike).

My husband and I made an appointment on 11-23-16 to meet with our sales person and Mike to talk about what our options are. Ms Barra it only got worse from there. The day before the appointment my husband called Mike to confirm that would be there. Mike said no but Matt would be in his place. We arrive at our appointment (no Matt). Our salesperson insulted us by saying that the best remedy might be to turn up the radio. The sales manager called the service department while on speaker phone and the person on the other end said "oh is that lady here" and when the sales manager said if we turned in the car we already lost $4,000 to $5000 off the value of the car, we just got up and left. I have been told twice the service manager would be calling me after they spoke with GMC, no call backs. I've tried to contact Sharena at GMC Customer Assistance three times, no call backs.

Last contact with Classic Buick/GMC was on 12-5-16. Adrian contacted me to say GMC said they would give us $5000 towards the purchase of another car but we were still losing the $4,000 to $5,000 off our Terrain and that's the best GMC would do or keep the Terrain and live with the noise.

Ms Barra we bought a brand new car that we just love, one we could afford, an all wheel drive SUV that we need, but it has a problem. This car is not enjoyable to drive while making this noise also what if this problem turns out to be a safety issue, I have grand children I put in that car. To have to buy another style car that doesn't serve our needs or one that we can not afford especially with negative equity from the Terrain being added on top is just ridiculous!

From what I have been told by Sharena of GMC Customer Assistance and going on what the Buick/GMC Service Technician Manager has said, the 2017 Terrain has an issue so we don't feel picking out another Terrain would solve our issue. To buy another type car would neither serve our purpose or would be unaffordable for us, we are asking GMC to take the Terrain which we purchased back with us owing nothing. We would also like to be reimbursed at 100% for the warranty and any tax, title and misc. fees. We also made our November payment and December's payment is due on the 23rd that we would like to reimbursed for also. We have not driven the car since our meeting on 11/23/2016.

I know you are a very busy women but Ms Barra we need help and resolve with this problem. Any help you can give us would be so greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much!

Donna and Joseph

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