Dear Ms. Rentler: I am writing in regard to an employment experience I just had – Barbara Rentler

William A. Viola sent a message to Barbara Rentler ? Chief Executive Officer of Ross Stores ? Email Address that said:

Dear Ms. Rentler: I am writing in regard to an employment experience I just had in Denver, Colorado. I was contacted by a "Jaffar" who told me he was a recruiter for ROSS and he was very interested in meeting me. I interviewed with him a few days later and was told I would be a great fit as n Assistant Manger, and could grow to Store Manger after a while. I was , to say, very excited, and I contacted the Store manger in Park Meadows, whom Jaffar instructed me to call. I interviewed with Diane and things went swimmingly. We both liked each other and had a similar management philosophy. She said she wanted to hire me and would forward the paperwork to your District Manger, Victor. I did not hear from anyone for three weeks. I finally have gone back and forth with Diane, who told me another person was hired for her, and she didn't even interview him. And she basically stated she hadn't a clue what was going on. I then spoke to Jaffar who told me that these Assistant Manger positions were suddenly all filled, but I could apply for a Department Supervisor. So, despite my anger, and reservations, I applied today. Well, less than 10 minutes after I went online and applied I was informed I wasn't qualified.
Ms. Rentler, I am a 60 year old man , who has over 20 years management experience working in a store in NYC. If this is how your company recruits, I am overwhelmed by the discourtesy, and total lack of professional respect shown by your District Manger. And you shouldn't have two high management people tell me that I was basically hired before the fact. I was looking forward to joining your company, but now I am inclined to stay far away from even shopping in it. And I will definitely alert others to the dysfunctionality of your institution.
I am sorry to have to write this, but I am enraged over this whole debacle.

William Viola

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