Dear Ms Silber, The Ubuntu community is working hard on the development of Ubuntu, staying – Jane Silber email address

Peter sent a message to Jane Silber – CEO, Canonical Ltd. – Email Address that said:

Dear Ms Silber,

The Ubuntu community is working hard on the development of Ubuntu, staying in touch with the open source values and optimal freedom for the end user. A goal our company Smoose, an open source IT solution company, can fully identify with.

We heard of the initiative of the UBports team, porting the mobile operating system Ubuntu Touch to a series of smartphones. One of these devices, the Fairphone 2, was far in its porting process, except for a couple of features. Since Smoose has much sympathy for the Fairphone initiative and finds freedom of choice for the end user an important part of a product, we decided to help UBports out.

The last month UBports efforts have gained momentum. Through various platforms (XDA, the communities of Ubuntu and Fairphone, Upwork, etc.) we actively communicate about the team’s achievements (mainly through video) and our request for help from technical and functional eyes. It is wonderful to see how many positive reactions we are getting. Within a couple weeks more then 15 people joined our group. The team managed to make features such as camera, audio, GPS and Wifi fully working and the port is becoming more stable in general. Open Source in action! On Ubucon we hope to show an advanced and stable port of Ubuntu Touch to the Fairphone 2.

We understand your very busy schedule during Ubucon, but I would very much appreciate to meet you and share our thoughts on how a further collaboration could speed up the achievement of our shared goal and how Canonical and Fairphone can be brought together effectively.

Perhaps you can find time in your schedule for a short meeting?

With kind regards,


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