Dear President Elect Trump, I emailing you because I have a resolution to the enormous – Donald Trump Sr email address

Ruth sent a message to Donald Trump, Sr. Chairman, President, and CEO, The Trump Organization – email address that said:

Dear President Elect Trump,

I emailing you because I have a resolution to the enormous debt our young people are facing in regards to student loans. This problem spans across decades keeping business people from pursuing their dreams, and staring businesses, buying homes, new cars etc. This in effect affects our nations economy in every aspect imaginable. It's very simple but I need a person with a platform, influence and a voice to get this out to the public arena. It's a great way to enter as President of the United States of America and capture the hearts of everyone from Baby Boomers to our Young Millennials. Many times Mr. President these types of dreams and ideas go to the grave and it takes years to resolve issues that should have been resolved years ago. Some died who had the cure for cancer because they didn't have a voice. I believe you are the man GOD put into office, who loves America and what this nation represents. Israel is surrounded by her enemies and Mr. Obama gave Israel's enemies the access to nuclear weapons to destroy her. I woke up with a word on my heart and lips several months ago when it looked like you wouldn't win. The LORD spoke through me and said he had a Trump Card. So I'd like to share with you something I truly believe will give you great favor in this nation and the world. And also some insight as to what is really going on with your foes. And I would like something in return. No one remembers a poor man even if I tell the world how to win a war but people remember the rich leaders of this world. I would truly like to share more with you. Blessings and I look forward to speaking with you.


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