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Dear Ross i pen these few lines to inform you about the plight of one – Ross McEwan email address

Madodonele sent a message to Ross McEwan – CEO, Royal Bank of Scotland – Email Address that said:

Dear Ross i pen these few lines to inform you about the plight of one Nosipo Nonno McWire, a daughter of the late Nr Mike of Scotland. He passed on in February 2007 in South Africa, Port Elizabeth where he was also a resident and a businessman. He had five children two sets of twins and the eldest daughter being Nonno out of wedlock. The elder two sets of twins have since passed and the surviving ones being Mickey and Mikey who live in Scotland. Nonno is now married to one Madodanele a South African. After the late Mike death it transpired that he made my wife Nonno the Executor of his Estate. Immediate after the reading of the will the uncle Moke's elder brother and the elder two sets of twins challenged the will with no success. At that time Mickey and Mikey were on the side of the elder sister Nonno. However about five or more years ago these two twins started to challenge the will both in Scotland and South Africa several times with no
success. Nonno was assisted by Mr Jeff, the CEO of General Electric (GE). Whilst the judgements were always in Nonno's favour she had never been able to access her account that was left to her by the late Mike McWire due to freezing of all her accounts at the behest of Mickey and Mikey Lawyers. One of her accounts was transferred from RBS was transferred to Nedbank London. She still has an account with RBS. My purpose of sharing this information with you is to humble request you not to allow or entertain Mickey, Mikey and Jeff to transact on Nonno's account. Nonno is regrettable and unfortunately incapable of handling her affairs as she was committed to prison after she was sentenced for fraud. I have be general power of attorney (POA). I full understand your busy schedule as the CEO and urge you to delegate this matter to any of your relevant Executives or Banker.

I trust that you will find this in order in due course will forward Nonno's ID and mine, marriage certificate and POA.

Yours sincerely

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