Dear Samsung CEO, I\'d like to make a serious complain about Samsung HK Service Centre – Lee KunHee email address

Leo Lam sent a message to Lee Kun-Hee Chairman, Samsung - email address that said:

Dear Samsung CEO,

Id like to make a serious complain about Samsung HK Service Centre (Causeway Bay). Please kindly spare a few minutes to read this letter.

I am a fan of Samsung and had been used your products, like TV, mobile phones and tablets for quite a long time. However, this time whats happening in Samsung HK made me felt really disappointed and frustrated.

I have complained to Samsung HK but your customer relationship personnel does not provide a satisfied answer.

Below is my case fyr:
1. On 19 July, I tried to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 from 6.0.1 to 7.0 but my cell phone keep auto off by itself after upgrade.

2. On 20 July, I visited your Service Centre in CBW for assistance and was told that my phone needed further examination (order no: X98387). An hour later, your technician called and said its motherboard was faulty with HK$2650 replacement cost. I told him the faulty was not by my human error but its rather caused by the software upgrade itself. The technician promised someone else in other dept will call me to discuss about the case but UNFORTUNATELY, no one called me at all.

3. On 21 July, I called your technician again and he said someone else will call me back. Again, I was DISAPPOINTED that NO any Samsung staff update me the status.

4. No any Samsung staff called me on 22-24 July. Until the evening of 24 July, I called your CS hotline and Mr. Siu said my phone has been repaired. He said the manager of your technician team will advise me the status before noon 25 July. Again and again, NO ONE called me on 25 July am.

5. On 25 July, I decided to visit your service centre during lunch and finally have my phone back after 5 days!!! Your CS staff, Yumi Chan, told me that my phone resumed after software reinstalled. No motherboard was replaced at all!!!

6. On 30 July, I complained about poor knowledge about your technician team, poor service level (took 5 days for just software reinstallation testing), and the worst thing is definitely broken communication that no one keep your customer informed.

7. On 31 July, the customer relationship staff in HK, named as Chris, called me and try to explain the case but no explanation why it took 5 days to just reinstall the Android version of my Note 5.

Though my story is long, Id like you to know how desperate I am, without any smartphone on hand for 5 days!!!

May I ask you to have your team member to look into this case and find way to improve the after sales services.

I can be reached via email, or Samsung HK got my cell phone number.

Leo Lam

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