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Dear Sir: am Mr. Moses, an Executive Director of a Grassroots NGO in – Matt Cottam email address

Moses nt a message to Matt Cottam- Founder, CEO Chief Design Officer, Tellart-email address that said:

Dear Sir:

I am Mr. Moses  an Executive Director of a Grassroots NGO in Liberia, West Africa.

Sir, since the establishment of this NGO, I am facing a lots of financial difficulties in soliciting funding for the support this great venture.

The NGO is mainly for the vulnerable poor market women in our society to help them with microfinance and a literacy program teach them so that they will be able to transact their businesses after going through this training and orientation.

In view of the above, I am kindly appealing to you for a financial assistance to enable the NGO implement a small micro finance project for 25 rural women in Liberia.

The organization registered with the Liberian Government and it has its Article of Incorporation and a Bye-Laws and Constitution.

Thank you very much as we look forward to hearing from you.


Moses .

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