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Dear Sir,
Re: Account No 15759623 Service got Terminated

On the 23rd Sep 2017 I call Singtel 1688 regarding the above issue. I spoke to Mr Bala for almost more than 45 minutes to find out why my service was terminated. Mr Bala try calling the payment department and was told that I didnt do payment for September bill. I told to Mr Bala I did two payment cos I told him i am under IPA. Mr Bala told me there was no payment for September thats why my internet got terminated from payment department. I told Mr Bala I already did the payment and Mr Bala again check with the payment deparment and payment department reply to him that I shortfall 0.89 cents.I ask Mr Bala to put me thru the payment department but the staff name Marliza reluctant to talk to me. I try to speak to Mr bala superior Mr Prince and Mr Prince told me I have to clear $342.11 before they can connect back my internet.I try explaining Mr Prince about my payment issue but still he told me he cant do much from his end. I call again after 4pm again and spoke to another staff but could not remember his name and the staff advise me to go directly to IPA. I took a taxi and rush to IPA but IPA advise me they also cant do much but told me to do $342.11 to any AXS or SAM machine and forward the payment receipt. I call around 6.05pm and spoke to technical department to Miss Huda and was told to email the receipt to Email the receipt and was advise by Miss Huda to check my internet service after 1 hour..after 3 hours my internet is still not connected. I call in the evening and told them my internet is still not working after the staff check and told me my internet is terminated and need to refit.i try speaking to one of the manager and she help me to escalate my case to the relevant deparment on urgent basis.25th sep 2017 I call and ask about my internet connection and was told to wait for the refit department to call me back on the same day.but no one call me. On the 26th Sep 2017 I call and told them nobody call me and the staff told she will inform the refit department to call me back but no one call me back. On the27th Sep 2017 I call few time about my internet connection and was told by today the refit department will call but still no one call. I call directly to Fibre Broadband department to find out when are they going to connect back my service and they told me they awaiting for management approval to waive the re-connection fees. Now my children exam are just around the corner and they need internet for their home learning and without internet its very difficult for my kids to do their school work.
As a loyal customer supporting Singtel for many years I just want to know the following reason:
1.why my internet got terminated when payment are done.
2. Why payment department are telling different reason for my internet minute they say no payment done ON September bill and the next reason payment got shortfall of 0.89 cents.
3. Marliza from payment department doesnt want to liase with customer on the phone.
4. Technical department put up a urgent request to refit connection on the 23rd Sep 2017 till today no one call.
4.Almost 4 days still there is no reply from Management for approval to refit connection.
5.So many request are put up from various department for refit for my internet connection till today there no reply from anyone.

I will be appreciate if you can expedite my internet connection due for my children who needs the internet very badly for their school homework

Your Sincerely
Asuncion M Nallathamby

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