Dear Sir, I am attempting to contact you with regards to a recent incident – Gary Kelly email address

marcus.harris sent a message to Gary C. Kelly Chairman, President, and CEO, Southwest Airlines Co. email address that said:

Dear Sir,

I am attempting to contact you with regards to a recent incident aboard a flight from Chicago to Houston in November 2017. Before I continue, please be aware that I have on a couple of occasions been in contact with members of your customer service team, in particular a representative named Matt Heflin as recent as December 2017.
While my initial contact regarding this matter was followed up by being presented with a SWA Luv Voucher, approximately $200.00, for medical assistance rendered aboard the flight, I questioned this amount based on one, the monetary value in future flight compensation, and secondly, how such a value was determined.
Third The human and business value of the impact of my being available on this particular might have in fact not only help stabilize and potentially save a fellow passengers life, but also prevent additional inconvenience for that flight and all other passengers as well flight crew had that flight not only be delayed but perhaps turned around or rerouted.
Please understand, Im not against your airlines policies, regarding compensating those passengers that albeit voluntarily assist your company, and of course had this this been any other airline at any time, my actions to help anyone in medical distress would not waiver. As I have recently heard from the gentleman that required my assistance, it is great to know that he and his family are safe and he has recovered from his traumatic experience aboard the flight.
My request to you and your executives to whom I was informed this and all other such matters would be addressed is that I feel while trying to show appreciation for those of us who are inconvenienced aboard your aircraft, and that assist your staff in keeping their commitment to your customers, perhaps instead of a blanket policy on a fixed amount of compensation, I believe each act should be viewed individually and based on merits of that action is how appreciation for that persons act should be awarded.
Again it is not my intention to give the impression that your companys actions werent appreciated, but again I do believe with further investigation into my particular experience should have been compensated with a more sincere appreciation as well as recognition for my personal and all other passengers, and finally the inconvenience your company averted based on my actions.
Quite frankly, the amount provided me was completely insulting, considering it was I whom spent the entire 2 hour flight on my hands and knees in a cramped kitchen galley assisting a downed passenger and your flight crew. For reference the incident occurred aboard Flight # 616 October 24, 2017.
I look forward to hearing from you as a show of good faith and recognizing and assisting me in this matter.


Marcus Harris

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