Dear Sir, Ford Brand: Broken Trust On December 2015, after arguing with my daughter, I finally – Mark Fields email address

Antonius sent a message to Mark Fields – President and Chief Executive Officer of Ford Motor Company email address that said:

Dear Sir,

Ford Brand: Broken Trust

On December 2015, after arguing with my daughter, I finally decided to buy a car (ford new fiesta sport type). Actually from the beginning I wanted buy Japanese-made cars, taking into account services and resale price. My daughter forced me to buy a car with ford brand, because she saw a more complete range of features than similar cars. The main reason my daughter choose ford cars is also due next year my daughter will continue her study in USA, so she hopes more familiar with American-made cars. After I saw a good model of this car I finally also like this car. End of December 2015 the car sent home still with a temporary number.
Early January 2016, without previously thought we obtain information that ford closes operations in Indonesia. Hardly believe that information. And make us more disappointed on early April 2016 is informed of the latest ford cars price in Indonesia, and my car price rates is down 22%. But I still don’t understand that my daughter still says it doesn't matter because she is really like her car ford new fiesta sport.
OK, everything was happening and ultimately disappointed even though I finally received the good unbiased fact. As one who studied marketing because I am a doctor of the marketing field, I really don't believe its marketing strategy of ford company, particularly in the market of Indonesia. Why a reputable company like ford did a ridiculous marketing mistakes. Why Ford doesn’t consider the potential and reaction to ford's loyal consumers. There are still many famous car brand sales in Indonesia is smaller than ford. In my opinion the ford brand’s reputation in Indonesia was destroyed. Why ford did not used to designate authorized dealer in Indonesia?
Thank you Sir…


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