Dear Sir Good morning, I wanted to inform you that your IT department in Brea California – Gabriel Tirador email address

Brea IT  sent a message to Mr. Gabriel Tirador, President of Mercury General Corporation- email address that said:

Dear Sir

Good morning, I wanted to inform you that your IT department in Brea California has 2 people that are unethical and dishonest with their work experience and education.

I have wrote to your Audit team and contacted your human resources department but to no avail.

1. Samar and Bibesh both from Nepal and worked in Cache Creek Casino with zero IT experience or any degree. They both come form a scam IT agency called IT America based in Freemont Ca.They also share projects from Mercury with other companies to complete their projects form other qualified IT professionals.

And I can confirm that this scam is not only prevalent, but has gained some new twists.

One of the newer tricks is played on firms that engage consultants based on phone screenings.

Consultancy sends faked resume, based on job requirements. Resume magically matches the open posting. Phone interviews are set up.

All phone interviews are performed by the consultancy's in-house expert. I mean, all guys with Indian/Nepali accents sound alike, right? :sarcasm:

Then, a completely unqualified candidate (NOT the guy on the phone interview) shows up at the job site.

We've had at least two of these in recent memory. One of them made my life a living hell for three months on a project with no slack.

Tip-offs include:

* Does not know the most basic functions in standard productivity applications (recent examples: doesn't know search and replace in word processor app; doesn't know sorting and filters in spreadsheet app).

* Will not respond at all to clear, detailed email messages asking for clear, detailed information on program functionality. On the programs that he supposedly had written himself.

* Will not directly answer any question asked face-to face or over the phone regarding clear information on program functionality. Will not leave voice mail response.

* In war rooms, frequently sits in corner holding lengthy sotto voce conversations on the phone in homeland language.

* In test labs, frequently sits next to contractor from same consultancy, holds lengthy sotto voce conversations in homeland language.

* If question has been asked, no response until next day. Will not respond via email. Will not leave voice mail response. Insists on face to face discussions. New questions asked in face to face discussions cannot be answered.

* Leaves no email or voice mail trail through which ineptness and failure can be documented

Peace of Advice: Always interview prospective consultants face to face after the phone interview. Frame as many questions as possible in a business scenario, requiring true experience and skill to properly answer. And make sure your interview questions are NOT from the plethora of canned interview questions available at too many shady online places.

Sincerely ,

A helping hand

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