Dear Sir I am a dentist from Egypt and a resident in United Arab Emirates.I – Joe Kaeser email address

Ahmed sent a message to Joe Kaeser President and CEO, Siemens A.G. that said:

Dear Sir
I am a dentist from Egypt and a resident in United Arab Emirates.I am sorry for bothering but it is really a big problem.I bought a washing machine Siemens IQ 500 from 6 months.From one week the machine stopped working ,I called the maintenance people of betterlif who is the dealer for siemens in UAE(very bad representative for siemens).They sent me the guy to fix the machine ,when he came he told me that the electronic board needs to be changed !!!! I was shocked to hear this,imagine just after 6 months only this happened . He told me that he will check in the store if they have the spare part they will changed in 2 days but if not they will get it from outside and this will take 8 days!!!!!! This was on Monday 14/12/2015 and I told him ok.On Wednesday 15/12/2015 he was supposed to call but off course didn’t call and I had to call many times to get an answer that is why I am saying this betterlif dealer has a very bad customer service,when I contacted him he told me that it will take 8 days to get the spare part I got angry and I told him no I don’t want the spare part and I want a new washing machine as I am not buying a low cheap brand ( cost 2700 dirhams) I could have buy another brand more cheaper but I didn’t because I thought siemens is the best option !!!.He told me he will contact his boss and call back but as expected he didn’t call back and I called him and he told me the spare part now is ready!!!! And they will come to fix it on the next day,I told him that in one hour the spare part is ready although in the previous call he told me that it needs 8 days!!!!!.i told him I will not accept this and I still need the new washing machine,he told me that he will let his boss call me.she called me and she told me that they can not give a new washing machine but they will fix with new board tomorrow.i asked when exactly she told me on Wednesday between 10:30-12.i waited in my house no body came and no body called me.i called her and asked why no body came to me she told me that the spare part supposed to send to me is not ready and not working !!!!!and they have to bring from outside !!!!.i told her that really that she disrespected me by not telling me any thing and she is not taking my problem in a serious way and still I need to have a new washing maching.
I just want to tell you sir that
1- I am now without a washing machine for almost one weak and I have 4 children
2- I bought many washing machines before and they worked with me for years and not after 6 months I had a problem with the electronic board ( the other machines are brands inferior to siemens).I selected siemens thinking that it is heavy duty brand but I really very very very disappointed.
3- Betterlife has a very very very customer service.

I just want to ask you sir do you accept this customer service of betterlife? And is it normal to buy a siemens washing machine and have a big problem like what I had after just 6 months?



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