Dear Sir, I am a hotelier in Shanklin on the Isle of Wight. We as – Darren R Huston email address

Des sent a message to Darren R. Huston – President and Chief Executive Officer of The Priceline Group – Email Address that said:

Dear Sir, I am a hotelier in Shanklin on the Isle of Wight. We as other hotels and BBs pride ourselves in the value and service we offer our paying guest. There is one hotel which is on your booking system that is degrading the area by not obeying to health and safety rules and guidelines,and good customer service. Issues are continuing to grow with traffic parking ie taking other hotel's parking places, WIFI issues where guest are having the nerve to ask other hotels nearby to use there's. The hotel is selling under priced rooms to get bookings but not even then offering a service to a standard. I personally am getting to the stage where action will be taken. The last review which has gone on the Booking.Coms site for this hotel today confirms how this hotel is being run, along with many other reviews. (“Do NOT stay at this hotel. It is the worst place I have EVER stayed in my life”
• Leisure trip• Group• Twin Room• Stayed 2 nights
눉The staff were rude. There was no cooked breakfast and no apology. We were fed tinned prunes, tinned fruit salad and white toast with butter and jam. The décor is appalling but worst of all by a long way was the attitude of the staff. My travelling companion burnt her hand badly in the sauna as no ladel was provided to put water on the coals. She asked the staff for help but they did not know who was responsible for first aid, had no ice to put on her burns and no idea about items in the first aid box or filling in an accident report. She asked for help calling the hospital and a taxi to take her to AE and was ridiculed and asked if she needed a stretcher !! This matter is going to be taken further.

눇There was nothing good about this hotel )

The hotel in question is "The Melbourne- Ardenlea"

Waiting for your honest reply.

Regards Des

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