Dear Sir, I am in need of assistance . I currently have a car loan that – Saun Bruce W Van email address

Jennifer sent a message to Saun Bruce W Van – Chief Executive Officer, Citizens Bank RBS Citizens – Email Address that said:

Dear Sir,
I am in need of assistance . I currently have a car loan that is with the Asset Recovery Department. The payment arrangements that I have setup will have me paying this loan off for the next 7 years. The balance is only 2,275.27. I have asked for it to be forgiven so that I can donate the vehicle( Autism Speaks, School for the Blind) as it does not run and they not wish to take it back because they can not sell it. My challenge at this point is that I reside in Baltimore City and the truck can no longer remained parked in my yard. The city will tow it which will place more of a financial constraint upon me. I am single with two children on who is autistic and I am already struggling to do basic things like keep a roof over my head and food on my table. I recognize and understand that the Asset Recovery has a job and that is to fulfill their financial obligation for the loan but at what cost? If the city tows it I will be faced with fines etc. and will no longer be able to pay the arrangement that I have made. I am asking for some assistance, pleading because I am not sure of what to do at this point. The vehicle has been out of commission since 2011. You may feel free to contact me. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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