Dear Sir I am Paul from Fort Lauderdale ,Florida.I decided to write you about – James McCann email address

Paul sent a message to James McCann – CEO, 1-800-FLOWERS – Email Address that said:

Dear Sir :

I am Paul from Fort Lauderdale ,Florida.I decided to write you
about the establishment of an Ecotour Center in the Dominican
Republic for your employees.

I migrated to the United States in 1986 from Jamaica, and I was
accepted to the City University of New York. I completed an
associate's degree in radiography and a bachelor's of arts degree in
psychology.I minored in general studies.

While I was in New York, I worked in Washington Heights for twenty
years as a radiographer. I honed my bilingual skills, and learnt
about the Dominican people and their culture.Washington Heights has a
very rich Dominican presence.

I have toured the Dominican Republic extensively. An Ecotour Center
on the island could be mutually beneficial for the local
communities,for your employees and for myself for the following
reasons :

1.Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect

2.Provide positive sustainable experiences for both visitors and hosts

3.Reconnect with traditional values, things like simpler ways of
living, slower pace of life and family centered living

4.Partake in and enjoy the cultural and natural geographic richness of
the country

I would be grateful to hear of your response to this idea.



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