Dear Sir, I am writing this email to you out of pure and utter frustration – Peter Agne email address

Apple- sent a message to Peter Agne President and CEO, IKEA – email address that said:

Dear Sir,

I am writing this email to you out of pure and utter frustration. 16 years ago when I relocated to the US, I became a customer of Ikea. I consider Ikea a partner and I've spent 10s of 1000s of dollars with Ikea, not only personally, but professionally when I opened my first coffee shop. The reason for this message is that I am thoroughly frustrated at the disregard you show your customers by discontinuing products without notice. I have cooking knives that are incomplete, because you discontinued them, plates that have been broken and can't be replaced because youve discontinued the style, silverware, cups, etc. and now you are discontinuing the MALM dressers.
yes, the fact that I have an innate need to have the items that I surround myself with, match, is my problem, it frustrates me that this is continuous on your end. I understand that as a company you grow and things change, but you are putting people like myself in a frustrating position. To me at this point, Ikea is a spouse you cant get rid of because youve got 16+ years invested and if you did, you'd still be left with mismatched furniture. So as you sit back and chuckle at this message, all I am asking as an IKEA family member is that Ikea send out emails to let us know if you're discontinuing something so we can make sure that we back ourselves up. example, i spoke with a CSR and he says - oh were sending out an email on 20, June 2016 to let customers know that we are removing Malm, but we won't be able to sell it after the 20, June 2016 (facepalm) that is the dumbest thing, how about you have sent the email out in April or May. Jees. Anyways now that I have vented I've come to the conclusion that Ikea is not the spouse that I want to be tied to and you sir have unfortunately lost a customer due to the lack of respect and consideration that the company has shown over the last 16 years. Thanks for the memories. Guess I'll just have to buy authentic furniture and silverware now. Sucks, but at least i won't have to worry about Oneida, Pier 1, Ethan or Modway changing anytime soon ... there is a lot to be said for consistency sir.

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