Dear Sir,…I can only imagine how many e-mail you must get. I can tell – Roger S Penske email address

Christian Last sent a message to Roger S. Penske - Chairman of the Board and CEO of Penske Corporation - Email Address that said:

Dear Sir,...I can only imagine how many e-mail you must get. I can tell you that I am not a man that just thinks he has a good idea, instead I am able to support everything with letters of endorsement from State Senators, Foresters, Public Works Directors, County Commissioners right on down to Detroit Waldorf School. This involves an project that starts at Belle Isle and encompasses a significant venue of applications. This project also involves Educational, Environmental, Economical, Sustainable agendas that will have an equally significant positive impact for not only Detroit but each and every surrounding Community. I am asking you to allow me the privileged of an audience with you to explain and show you how extremely innovative and rewarding this project can be. I feel the endorsements, especially from Senator Tom Casperson who is the Senate Chair for Natural Resources, will help provoke a meeting. Again, Belle Isle is the set Pilot Program and I need your help to make this happen for not only Detroit, but from every Historical society in Michigan right on through to Habitat for Humanity, Veterans groups and many more. Thank you Sir. Respectfully....Christian Last

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