Dear Sir I had received a response from your customer service in April as per below – Giorgio Armani email address

Mark sent a message to Giorgio Armani – Founder of Armani email address that said:

Dear Sir

I had received a response from your customer service in April as per below of which I responded, however I haven't heard any more.

Could this please be followed up

Yours sincerely

Mr Benzin

Giorgio Armani
Dear Mr. Benzin,

Thank you for contacting Giorgio Armani Customer Service.

We sincerely apologize for the experienced inconvenience with your Armani jeans and for our late reply.
Quality represents a constant priority for Giorgio Armani.
In order to follow up with your request, we kindly invite you to provide us with the following information:
-exact date of purchase
-name of the boutique
-proof of purchase
-product code
-some detailed pictures of the faulty product, including all the available tags and labels
Looking forward to receiving your kind feedback
Best regards,

Giorgio Armani Client Relations
Fault with Zip on Armani Jeans Jeans Dear Sir I am writing to your office direct reference to a fault with a pair of Jeans I had purchased. To confirm a couple of Zip teeth on the jeans have come away, therefore I am unable to wear the product. I have to say as a loyal customer to your brand this clearly doesn’t promote the quality that I have become a custom to I have to say I am totally shocked by this as I would never expect such fault from the Armani brand and to confirm I have many pairs of Armani jeans where as the zip is in tact. Furthermore I have grown up with the brand since a child and now have passed that loyalty to my children who also wear your products, however this is the first time such fault has occurred hence my time in writing to your office as a loyal customer. I will attach for your reference pictures of the fault in question if you are able to provide an alternative email address. As I purchased these whilst on holiday I’m sure you can appreciate that I am unable to return them to the store as I reside in the UK. I await your response shortly.
Yours sincerely Mr Benzin

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