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M McCracken sent a message to Akio Toyoda President and CEO, Toyota Motor Corporation email address that said:

Dear Sir, I have had my Toyota Matrix since 2003 and it has been a nice little hatch back. Unfortunately I have just received a recall notice to inform me that the air bag on the passenger side needs to be replaced yet again. I am shocked by the fact that I have been driving around with a "New" air bag the same as the one that was replaced as dangerous. I realize you say we have a better change of not getting injured with the "New" one whether that is true or simply a guess on Toyota's part who know, do you not think the company could have told us all that we were getting a "New" defective bag? I felt safe again after the last recall but now I was actually in the same danger as I had been before ! Now I'm told THIS one is REALLY the good one but that has now been difficult to believe. I have had 14 recalls now on my car!! Every notice says, very kindly how we should be very happy to know that this will be FREE OF CHARGE to us. Then fourteen times so far I have had to tack time off work go to Toyota, make an appointment, go back o work without a car, ask for a ride back and forth, that is 2 of us away from work. Do you not think that to say to me I should be happy when your company replaced my defective air bag with the same defective model, that I should not be affected by the time lost, and the inconvenience, and worry. Also the inconvenience to my fellow workers and that the fact that all FOURTEEN recalls were kindly paid for them? This is NOT taking care of your customers nor is it even close to respecting us.
Thank you or listening
Insulted disappointed customer.

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