Dear sir, I know you are a busy person , and i feel as i’m not – Christopher J Nassetta email address

Tracy sent a message to Christopher J. Nassetta – President and Chief Executive Officer of Hilton Worldwide – Email Address that said:

Dear sir, I know you are a busy person , and i feel as i'm not getting anywhere with the hotel, Guess Correspondence, i tried to reach out to the hotel Manager, Kyle Dickey AND he and I didn't see eye to eye on things, he just want to talk about my hotel stay,and I never heard back from Stephanie Habersham..This was a very upsetting situation for me and feel you need, know how I was treated, so i will copy and paste my email, that started it all .
From the time i walk in, i wasn't satisfied,i arrive at the hotel on Thursday, after a drive from Macon GA, when i got to the counter i was the only person there, i was in jeans, t -shirt and my hair was wrap, i was approach with a friendly hello and the person at desk start to explain about my stay, now i book my room March 22 ,and i did several follow up calls to explain what I wanted, i ask for a king with fridge and microwave, well as she to tell me why they diidnt have it and that they where over book, and as i begin to tell her , i call then personal to tell them what i ask for, and to make sure we was clear, well next thing i know some airline pilots came in , and she stop talking to me and begin to wait on them, im like excuse me pay attention to me, well she was like im sorry, i told her just because im looking like no one , you never who i might be,so i went on to room , my husband arrives and we went on about our stay, well to make matters worst, day one we went out came back and the room was not clean, no clean towels, day 2 same thing, well finally i went to housekeeping and ask them why my room was was not clean, she went to tell me that , they had inspection and they couldn't do our room , but would do it the next day, so i just smh, and ask for towels, finally on our last night day, we went out and we got our room clean with towels.Where is the big reason why i would never stay at a Hilton ever again ,nor would i recommend my workers of physician to not stay at this Hampton in there life time, unless we walk in in uniform with our scopes around our neck and with gloves on, to be treated like we are VIP , but know one should be treated any different because of the way you dress!!!!.
i check my debit card as i always do and saw where they had charge me the room it was saying pending, im like im ok.well on the day of checking out i double check my card, and i say my balance over 1000,00, well i check out went to the gas station swipe my card and it said insignificant funds, see clerk insider like hell no, well i check my card at it said i only had 18.00 on my debit,So i call my husband screaming and he turn around after missing a flight,who is agent for comedians, we went back to hotel and there was another couple going off that her card had been over charge, well finally when i went to desk and went to tell them what happen and that i had the same problem, i was told that a horse for a different color, i just cried and didn't know what to say are do,the only answer i could get was to call my bank and they would refund my money,i was not not offer any apology, i coulder been stranded without any help, i wasn't offer another stay, no water to calm me down, husband went back in and the counter was surround by manager who gave us a card and auth no#.this is not the end of this for me, i will take this to the Hilton's my selves, cause this was not explain to me .but maybe if the young one who was at the counter on my arrival day explain this to me , instead of forgetting about cause she felt i was too poor to be there, then i wounder stay at the Hyatt, like many time before and never ever was treated this way.i just want peopleto know what happen to me, so its your choice if you want to stay, but i promise the Mike Epps come to North Charleston,we will make sure his family friend dont book with them.
I dont want to here your apology, and try to give me free points are a free one night stay. We will be reporting our happenings with the better business burea, never ever expected this

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