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Dear Sir, I opened an account with your company in the beginning of the year – Rodger O. Riney email address

Dan sent a message to Rodger O. Riney Founder and CEO, Scottrade that said:

Dear Sir, I opened an account with your company in the beginning of the year because of my brothers experience. I opened up an account under and LLC which owns my IRA. It is a self managed self administered account. I am a commercial real estate broker and investor and have great opportunities in that market to invest in so I wanted something easy and simple to use. After 2 weeks of having the account your company told me they could not have my account and shut me down because of it being an LLC or a self administered IRA. THAT AFFECTED MY ABILITY TO TRADE IN AN OUT OF SOME OPPORTUNITIES SUCH AS BBEP. Not a problem. I ended up selling my stocks with a minor gain - no harm no foul. I just requested my money back and found out that I am only getting $69,350.71 when it should be closer to $77,750. I called your service department and they are holding it back. Here are my issues - you guys shut me down and will not distribute back the monies that are rightfully mine. Not the minor gain - but the money I opened the account with. Your service department told me to contact the IRS because they cannot verify the EIN Number. This seems to me to be a company issue and not a me issue. The reason I say that, is that your company is the reason I am in this situation. SO I GUESS WE ONLY HAVE A COUPLE OF OPTIONS. I make it clear to everyone how awful of a company you are and make sure that I contact all of the agencies that regulate Scott Trade. I hire a lawyer and make sure that everyone knows how wrong and out of line your company is. Or you refund me the money that is rightfully mine. Seems fairly obvious. I have been more than reasonable on this situation and now you are stealing my money. I wonder if the SEC would be ok with that. Sincerely, Dan Werner/AN INCREDIBLY DISGRUNTLED CUSTOMER

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