Dear Sir: I recently applied for an entry level job position with Penske in – Roger S Penske email address

Dennis sent a message to Roger S. Penske – Chairman of the Board and CEO of Penske Corporation – Email Address that said:
Dear Sir:
I recently applied for an entry level job position with Penske in your Sales and Operations Management training program.
I desire and need that job at your Kennesaw, Ga. Location. Your hiring staff asked me to attend a job fair in Atlanta. That is time consuming and fuel insufficient. I prefer an interview with your company in Kennesaw. Attending a job fair with teen competition is not logical to me. I desire the job and it's best to win this position by eliminating my competition. Penske is a winning team! I want the job. I don't like losing and I believe even Donald Trump would agree with that logic. Your company is all about logistics, winning, customer service and leadership in the field of trucking. I want the job I applied for. I ask for the job. Hire me, train me and you won't regret your decision. Team Penske is a winner and I desire to be a part of your team. Your the leader sir so I would appreciate it if you would send word to your Hiring Staff to interview and hire me in Kennesaw, Ga. ! I don't like to lose out to my competition. There is no profit in that. Time is money. The racing world knows that. Team Penske runs a good racing team . Successful Negotiations are best conducted when you have the edge over your competition. I contacted you because your the best edge I can come up with. I want that job sir!
Let me give you an example. Not too long ago my telephone was down for a month. At T worked on it for weeks. My service was bad and there were many excuses why the telephone service wasn't working correctly. I contacted the CEO of ATT and within a day the service was fixed. His staff members were on the ball. Their follow up was quick and precise. It pays to go to the top of you want something done right. My mother taught me that! At Penske...Your the top guy!
I want the job with your company. Hire me!
Thank you Sir!

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