Dear Sir, I returned from a flight (NO FR3213 FROM GERONA TO – Michael OLeary email address

Kimberley sent a message to Michael O’Leary CEO, Ryanair that said:

Dear Sir
Please can you help?
I returned from a flight (NO FR3213 FROM GERONA TO MANCHESTER) on 15/08/15 and collected my babies pram with our luggage off the luggage carriage. Leo (our son) was up and walking around at 07.10 so we placed the buggy on our suitcase trolley, walked to the Meet and Greet, loaded the car and went home. Later that day when I came to put the pram up, the bar was snapped and the wheel buckled which you could not see when folded and the parasol snapped off. I telephoned your company and you said that as I did not report this at the time, (not sure how I could of done this as a) I was not aware and b) there was no one in the office I cannot receive a property irregularity form'. Without this my insurance company wont proceed with the claim. I would not care if this was a suitcase but this is a MUCH NEEDED PRAM and I need a replacement asap as it can no be used. Please help.
Kind regards,

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