Dear Sir I wish to make a formal complaint. I flew back from Malaga yesterday 30th – Michael OLeary email address

Sharon sent a message to Michael O'€™Leary CEO, Ryanair that said:

Dear Sir
I wish to make a formal complaint. I flew back from Malaga yesterday 30th December with my husband and elderly parents.Mum is 82 Dad is 84. Our flight was delayed for 50 minutes,then as we had booked special assistance for my mother we had to board last. This was not a problem, however the problem was when we gave in the boarding passes and the passports for my parents for checkin, the assistant did not look at the passenger s passports before us and just handed the passports and boarding passes that my parents had given in back to the people before us and insisted to my parents that without boarding passes and passport my parents would not be allowed on the plane.
My mother who had been feeling unwell in the airport anyway found this very stressful, mum kept insisting that she had given both passports and boarding cards to the checkin assistant, they kept insisting that she hadn't. They had made a mistake, by not asking for the persons in front of my parents, for their passports and they had just seen 2 boarding passes and 2 passports and given them back to the wrong person.
Eventually this was sorted out with no apology from the staff and as you can imagine it caused my mother great distress.This was totally unacceptable.
We have flown with Ryanair before, but now I am seriously considering not using your service again.
May I suggest more thorough training for the checkin staff before dealing with the public.
Should you wish to contact me about this incident .
Yours faithfully
Mrs Sharon

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