Dear Sir I’m writing to advise that I’m no longer going to be a customer of – James McCann email address

Richard sent a message to James McCann – CEO, 1-800-FLOWERS – Email Address that said:

Dear Sir

I'm writing to advise that I'm no longer going to be a customer of your company given the failure on the part of your service team to acknowledge the issue your system created and not the failure to deliver. I ordered flowers
for Mother's Day to be delivered on May 3, 2016 before the rush. I called my mother and much to my surprise it was not delivered. I was advised that because the word townhouse was in my saved address that's the reason for nondelivery. Yes my mother lives in a townhome. However as I tried to explain to your customer service rep I never typed the word townhouse into the saved address directory when I created the account. I have had no issues previously with deliveries to this address so I'm surprised that I'm being told that because the word townhouse appeared in the address line, despite the full correct address appearing after, that they were unable to deliver it. I could only assume that the word was there previously. Even if that was the case that they were unable to deliver because of this word being there why was I not called? It is the practice of your company to simply ignore and order where they believe there's an incorrect address. I asked your customer service rep why then would prior deliveries successfully made and was she alleging that I entered the word townhouse. Your customer service person went on to explain to me reasons why I may have mistakenly entered that word into the system. That was the final straw for me. This my order number. I would note that I don't consider refunding the delivery fee adequate compensation either.

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