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Dear Sir / Madam Do you, as a company, help raise funds for charity? Would you – Ross McEwan email address

Sharon sent a message to Ross McEwan – CEO, Royal Bank of Scotland – Email Address that said:

Dear Sir / Madam

Do you, as a company, help raise funds for charity? Would you like to raise more?

As a very large organisation you must receive 1,000’s of letters through the post each week. Many of these will have stamps attached which can be recycled to raise funds for your chosen charity.

Please read through the information below for details of how we can help. This is all free of charge.

Our company started in 1996 and quickly became the leading specialist-recycling fundraising project operator for good causes in the UK. Now having raised millions of pounds for good causes, Recycling for Good Causes is the fundraising partner of choice for more than five thousand good causes, big and small.

Charities, schools, community groups and many other groups all rely on the attentive, reliable, high quality services offered by ourselves to raise funds from risk-free, cost-free and effortless recycling projects.

We would send you out a recycling sack for the stamps to be collected into. Once this is at a minimum weight of 10kg, we would arrange for Parcel Force to come out and collect this from you, at a convenient time for you. The maximum weight that Parcel Force will collect for any one sack is 30kg.

Once we are in receipt of the sack, it takes around 8 weeks for us to recycle your stamps and for your chosen charity to receive a cheque. The funds raised are split 75/25 in the charity’s favour. We retain the 25% to cover costs.

If you would like me to set up your account, please could you reply to this email with the following information and I will arrange all this for you.

If I can be of any further assistance then please do not hesitate to reply via email or call on the Freephone number below.

Kind Regards

Customer Services Team

Would you like to raise more awareness for your cause?

Send us your thoughts and comments on your experience with us and how your recycling collections are working for you, and with your permission, we will publish this on our Facebook social media page (personal details will be withheld) along with a link if you provide us with one.

We will only use your first name, location and charity/cause.

We always strive to deliver the highest standards of service possible. However, should you feel this is not the case
please contact our Office Manager Deborah
and we will aim to resolve any query or problem at the earliest available opportunity.

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