Dear Sir /Madam, I have worked in the Airlines Industries from Past 7 years In – G V Prasad email address

Etlavani sent a message to G. V. Prasad – Co-Chairman and CEO, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories – Email Address that said:

Dear Sir /Madam,

I have worked in the Airlines Industries from Past 7 years In cargo Section In Hyderabad city , Telagana State, India. I have seen imports and exports of Pharma products thru Air sea. In India abrode pharmaceuticals companies have good business in the Pharma Companies. When I saw in the web sites lot of pharmaceuticals companies they do local trading and manufacturing local purchasing, Am not saying everyone earning money. But you all are doing good business in the industries,

I was thinking with my mind and heart to take some financial help from industries. why means ?. below is my personal reason Sir / madam.

Am Etlavani Ramu.
My family consil 8 members , My father passed Away on 31st Dec 2015 -due to lung cancer, My mother and Three younger Sisters, My wife n my six Months daughter and me.

Am suffering with sciatica pain from Past 4 years, Am unable to work good. Every were should physical fitness should be there, I dont physical fitness, I have showed lot of doctors , But no results, daily am doing some excises for instant relief.

My request to you with your kind heart help me some finance to my treatment and for my family. If my luck by the grace of god i will some help from you all.

Please Please its a humble request to you all help me family

Thanking you with best and warm regards


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