Dear Sir My name is Delicia and this is not a complaint – I am – Akio Toyoda email address

Delicia sent a message to Akio Toyoda President and CEO, Toyota Motor Corporation – email address that said:

Dear Sir
My name is Delicia and this is not a complaint - I am part of a ministry called VIctory Outreach and our Quantum that we use for transport the engine has just given up the ghost - we are one of the only recovery homes that accept substance abusers free of charge - we need to transport our very precious ”Treasures out of darkness ” men and woman to and from church and to collect items given to the home - we need transport is there any possibility that your company can sponsor or donate to Vicory Outreach some means of transport we truly need a quantum. I would love to be able to get one or two for the home - this organism (yes its alive ) truly does good work in most of the inner cities of the world and the affect areas affected by drugs - gansterism and prostitution .
Please will you consider this as our quantum broke today and we have no transport as we speak .
Thank you kind Sir - others say pray and have faith and I have both but without works its dead - this is prayer faith and works .
God bless hope to hear from you soon


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