Dear Sir: My name is Phyllis . I’m writing to you on behalf of – Mark Fields email address

Phyllis sent a message to Mark Fields – President and Chief Executive Officer of Ford Motor Company email address that said:

Dear Sir: My name is Phyllis. I'm writing to you on behalf of my husband Mark. Two yrs ago June Mark finally at age33 got a Ford F-150 used from truckland in Brick NJ. He never established credit so his grandpa Co-signed. OMG first week tyrods and coils had to be done then second week radiator bursts the 4 new tires then transmission paint is peeling off unbelievably. It's constant. We're told no accidents yet dents dings. Rotors brakes lights . I'm partially handicap I don't work . Paint peeling to metal it's crazy. He was taken advantage of. He is a hardworking good man. Pays his way. All he ever wanted was a Ford F-150 . I don't know if you can help or not. Thank-you for your time sincerely Phyllis .

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