Dear Sir Nakata,I am writing about releasing a new product on the market – Takuya Nakata email address

Dimitar sent a message to Takuya Nakata President and Representative Director, Yamaha Corporation – Email Address that said:

Dear Sir Nakata,

I am writing about releasing a new product on the market. I have designed a new product, that have no equivalent at the moment and could be added to your range of products.
I am asking for a partnership to develop the product and releas it on the market.
The product is very simple,similar to many of your products and the predicted investment won't be so big.The device is conected with application,for convenience of the users and coherence.
Because in this dynamic and fast developing world everybody looks for something new that is coming out. The clients are more fastidious than ever before, that’s why I am hopping this will attract your attention and take to consideration as a president of one of the biggest companies today. I hope we will have a meeting or email correspondence and discuss it more in details.
Thank you alot for the spared time!

With best regards,


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