Dear sir, On 11th August i was flying back from Dublin to Gatwick and what – Michael OLeary email address

Cecile sent a message to Michael O’Leary – CEO, Ryanair – Email Address that said:

Dear sir,

On 11th August i was flying back from Dublin to Gatwick and what I experienced was really something else.
I made my way with my children to check in in the terminal and handed my boarding passes to the lady at the desk who informed me informed me that my only checked in luggage was overweight and that I would have to take some things out , I then proceded to do so and the lady went on to help someone else. I re-zipped my suitcase to then put it on the belt.
The suitcase was fine and within the weight limit and she then asked me for my boarding passes. She had not returned them to me and so I said, she quickly dismissed me saying well they are not here are they, i gave them back I am sure'. Thinking maybe I had put them in the suitcase by accident i quickly checked all my luggage and could not find them so I turned to her ( she had gotten someone else too at that point) the male attendant quickly kept dismissing me accusing me of calling her a liar! i was flabergasted!! I had barely asked for them to double check where they could be and I was [ractically being dismissed and insulted!!
I asked to speak to their manager and when she came over (her name was Amy) she accused me further and kept saying I was lucky they were not charging me double for my boarding passes!!
never before I have experienced such terrible service!! I felt belittled in front of my children!!
I appreciate you taking the time to read this letter, as you can see it has taken me some time to write it because I really did not want to complain but to this day still feel so angry at the thought of this incident.

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