Dear Sir or Madam, Please allow me to express how dissatisfied I am with the – Lee KunHee email address

Asif Darwesh sent a message to Lee Kun-Hee Chairman, Samsung - email address that said:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please allow me to express how dissatisfied I am with the service I have received from Samsung Kenya.
My problem to date remains unresolved despite repeated calls to both the Service Centre and to an individual by the name of Enock who does not return the numerous telephone calls I have made to him.

It is now my belief that the warranty offered by Samsung is a complete farce. There is absolutely no comfort whatsoever in purchasing Samsung products.
I regret purchasing the several Samsung appliances I have at my residence simply now convinced the warranties are practically non-existent and only a mere marketing campaign.

My 9000 Series, 65” TV which is well covered under warranty was brought into your service centre on 15/02/17. I was initially informed that the screen would be replaced by the first week in March, only to be informed much later (after numerous phone calls) that the screen was no longer available
and that my television set would be replaced by Samsung. I was thereafter asked to provide proof of Purchase, which was duly submitted to Enock on 15th March.
Not once have I received a call from the Service Centre with an update. I have had to call them over 30 times. No one comes back to me despite several assurances!

During my conversation with Enock Yesterday morning (one of the rare times that he actually answered my call), he suggested that I settle for an inferior model to mine, an offer that I have blatantly refused.
I asked him to replace it with the 9500 series that supersedes my model, and he assured me that he would call me yesterday in order to resolve the matter. I wait with bated breath!
This mornings call to him went unanswered as expected. The man lacks simple courtesy.

I honestly do not have any more time to waste on the phone and now request my television be repaired under warranty without further delay and returned to me.

I do regret making this expensive purchase of a top of the line Samsung television set, with peace of mind on warranty. I have merely lost faith in your product.

Failure in a response to my email today will compel me to take up this matter further with Samsung Korea.


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